Agenda Requests


The Sibley County Board of Commissioners meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 9 am in the County Board Room (second floor of the rotunda of the Courthouse).

The agenda for the upcoming Tuesday meeting will be posted on the County Commissioner/Administrator's webpage by the preceding Friday. If you have an issue you would like the Sibley County Board to discuss, you must schedule a time to be placed on the agenda. Call the County Administrator's office at 507-237-7800, or fill out the Sibley County Board Agenda Request Form  (PDF) and email it to the County Administrator's Office, to be placed on the agenda.

Requests to be placed on the agenda must be received by noon on the Wednesday preceding the Tuesday Board meeting. Before you request to be on the Board agenda, you may want to address your concern with your County Commissioner, County Administrator, or Department Head in case the issue can be resolved without a board hearing. You will be notified in advance of your placement on a County Board agenda.

Request Considerations

When considering your request to be placed on the Agenda, please provide background information on what you will be requesting. Items to consider with your requests are the following:

The purpose behind your request (what you are requesting)

  • Whether or not Board action is required (approval or denial) or if it is simply information (discussion only)
  • The financial impact of your request and whether or not it's included in the budget (if applicable)
  • Any applicable Federal or State law or County Ordinance that may be affected
  • Any supporting documents
  • Check the Sibley County Board Meeting Calendar for the date of the meeting you would like to attend. Please read the following Sibley County Board Meeting Procedures and Rules of Business (PDF) before attending.


All agreements, contracts, and memorandums of understanding must be approved, as to form and execution, by the County Attorney prior to being presented to the County Board for approval. A minimum of three sets of the agreement must be provided when seeking approval. One original fully executed document must be filed with the County Administrator/Clerk of the Board.

Any contracts (i.e. services, equipment) pursuant to M.S. 471.345 must adhere to the following:

  • Contracts from $1 to $25,000: May be made upon quotation or in the open market. Two quotations are recommended. This is at the discretion of the Department Head and/or County Board. 
  • Contracts from $25,000.01 to $175,000: Require two or more quotes or sealed bids. Quotes must include Q language. This is at the discretion of the County Board. 
  • Contracts over $100,000: Require sealed bids.