Marriage Certificates

Obtain Certified Copies

To obtain a Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate:

(You may make your request in person or by mail)

  1. Send us the full name of the groom, the full maiden name of the bride and the date of the marriage. Note: To provide you with the Certified Copy, the marriage record will be found only in the County from which the Marriage License was applied for.
  2. Send $9 - Make check payable to Sibley County Recorder.
  3. Send the above information to:
    Sibley County Recorder
    400 Court Avenue
    P.O. Box 44
    Gaylord, MN 55334

If you did not apply for a marriage certificate in Sibley County, you may access the statewide database of marriages at: Minnesota Official Marriage Systems (MOMS).

Apply for Marriage License

To apply for a Marriage License:

(You must apply in person. We will not accept applications submitted online)

  1. Complete a Marriage License Application, but do not sign until both people are present in front of the Recorder's Office. This form must be fully completed before the license will be issued.
  2. Know Social Security numbers for both applicants.
  3. If either has been divorced, we need the official date of divorce and the name of the court.
  4. Submit the Educator's Statement if you meet the requirements below to qualify for the reduced fee.
  5. The Marriage License is valid for 6 months. You must marry within that time period or the License will expire.
  6. In Minnesota, Birth Certificates, Driver's License or Blood tests are not required.

Marriage Application Fee

  1. The fee is $115 if no pre-marital counseling has been completed.
  2. The fee is reduced to $40 if the following requirements are met:
    • Attend 12 hours of premarital education
      • The premarital education must be provided by a licensed or ordained minister or the minister's designee, a person authorized to solemnize marriages under Minnesota Statue section 517.18, or a person authorized to practice marriage and family therapy under Minnesota Statue section 148B.33. The education must include the use of premarital inventory and the teaching of communication and conflict management skills.
    • Obtain a signed and dated Educator's Statement printed on the educator's letter head certifying that both parties have completed premarital education.
    • Ensure that the Educator's Statement is either notarized or under the church seal.

Marriage application fees are non-refundable.



To schedule a Civil Marriage Ceremony you will need to contact the Court Administrator's Office at 507-237-4053 to schedule an appointment.

Either the Court Administrator or Judge is able to perform ceremonies.