The Sibley County Jail was completed in 1995 replacing the original jail that was completed in 1915. The old jail was originally built to house 12 inmates, however due to state requirements this was reduced to six inmates. The original jail was closed on December 23, 1992. The current jail can house up to 20 persons, which includes 6 Huber (Work Release) inmates. In 2017 the jail staff booked 522 inmates with an average daily population of 14.32 inmates.

The Jail Administrator, Lieutenant Aaron Louwagie, supervises the operation of the jail and dispatch center. He is assisted by 8 full time dispatcher/corrections officers, 4 part time officers, 1 full time Jail Cook, 1 full time Clerical Assistant, and 3 part time staff. The staff members work both as jailers and dispatchers. Correctional Officers are primarily responsible for the safety and security of the jail facility, the inmates and other staff and volunteers. Dispatchers take all 911 calls, page fire and ambulance, and also dispatch for all law enforcement agencies throughout the county,


Inmates are granted certain privileges, but these may be revoked for disciplinary or security reasons. Some of the privileges the inmates receive are television, library, card and board games as well as access to a recreation room. Inmates are allowed non-contact visits from friends and relatives in accordance with jail policy.


Inmates are supervised via 16 cameras as well as a roving corrections officer who is required to conduct well being checks every 30 minutes or less. The cameras allow for remote supervision of all four dayrooms.

Medical Services

Medical service for the jail is contracted through Advanced Correctional Healthcare which provides nurses for routine sick calls, professional mental health services, and 24/7 on-call doctors for more emergent situations.


The Sibley County Jail is equipped with a full kitchen and staff to provide meals for the inmates.

Sentence to Serve (STS)

Inmates who are approved by the court and meet certain standards can participate in the STS (Sentence to Serve) program. STS operates in a partnership between the State and County to provide community service work to non profit organizations.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours for the Sibley County Jail:

Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
1 to 5 pm

Visits may be limited to 20 minutes, once per visiting day per visitor. Visits may be shortened due to visiting needs.