Supporting Hands Nurse-Family Partnership (SHNFP)

2017 Kailany Melissa Sonoma

Supporting Hands Nurse-Family Partnership (SHNFP) is a free service to first-time mothers, who are before their 28th week in pregnancy. First-time moms may also qualify if they meet the income eligibility guidelines.

SHNFP is a free, voluntary and flexible service. It provides the support, the advice, and the information you need as a first-time mother. The SHNFP nurse is able to provide and assist with any of the following:

  • Having a healthy pregnancy and baby
  • Learning about prenatal care, child development, and becoming a parent.
  • Learning ways to play with your baby that will help stimulate brain development.
  • Connecting to services and resources in your community.
  • And more!

To connect with your own free SHNFP personal nurse visit the SHNFP website.