Dust Control & No Ditch Spray

Dust Control

2023 Dust Control sign up forms are due

May 15, 2023.

Dust Control is complete for the 2023 year. 

2023 Price List  ($140.00 per 100 feet- can increase by 25 foot increments.)

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County Road Ditch Spraying

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Sibley County will ONLY be spraying County road ditches for 
noxious weeds.  The spray is applied directly to the noxious weeds.

Chemicals used: Tordon K, Transline, Escort, Milestone & 2-4D.

No Spray Agreement Form-2023 - Due April 1, 2023  

Lifetime No Spray Agreement Form - Due March 31st each year

Anyone wishing to NOT have a specific county road ditch sprayed should contact the Sibley County Public Works Office at 507-237-4092 before April 8th of the current year for a form. 

Landowners/renters are required to flag the no spray zone with "Owner Will Maintain" flags provided by Sibley County Public Works.  The use of these flags will aid Sibley County Public Works maintenance crews in identifying which areas landowners/renters do not want sprayed.  Flags are available at the Public Works office in Gaylord and at all county highway garages in Arlington, Gaylord, Gibbon, Green Isle, Henderson, Winthrop and at the Sibley County Gravel Pit. 

By requesting that Sibley County does not spray your road ditch, landowners/renters agree to maintain the noxious weeds and brush in the specified road ditches in their entirely.  When landowners/renters do no respond, we will assume it is acceptable to spray.  The County may begin spraying on or after April 15th. 

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