Strengthening Sibley's Future Program Information

Complex challenges are impacting the communities we live in.  Addressing these challenges requires leaders equipped with new tools and resources for decision making and citizen action.  This program brings residents of our county together to build skills and deepen their understanding of county and regional assets.

Research shows communities that intentionally strengthen local leadership resulting in excellent local governance and create dynamic local economies.   Changes in Minnesota’s communities need leaders and residents who act knowledgeably together to solve complex issues and build their future.  For communities to create a high quality of life locally and compete successfully in the new global, social, political and economic realities, they must invest in their people.

Participants gather one day each month September through May.  Four sessions will be held with our county partners to build a regional network and understanding.  The leadership sessions will be taught by University of Minnesota Extension leadership and civic engagement educators.  Each session will use interactive activities and discussion to allow for skill development that will help them lead at work and in their communities in order to address key issues and facilitate change.   Participants will explore communities within our county for the remaining five sessions.  During these sessions they will network with local business and political leaders, learn about leading industries in the county, and county history in addition to building a strong network within their class and with program alumni.  Participants will engage in activities and conversations allowing them to build on the leadership content delivered during the regional sessions and identify ways to apply it within their work and community activities.

Each class is comprised of a maximum of 24 participants who either live or work in Sibley County.  Both current leaders and people who don’t consider themselves leaders benefit from participating.   Individuals who have gone through the program and want to refresh their skills while building regional connections and understandings.  Selected members will be notified in mid-August.

Tuition for applications is $375.  Tuition includes all training materials, meals and refreshments.   (Note: actual value of the nine-day program is $1200!)  

  • Offers exposure for your business and networking opportunities that can increase your business
  • Increase employee’s public relations, personal leadership, communication and team skills.
  • Provides understanding of the demographics, economics, and opportunities of local communities.
  • Helps employees develop greater personal vision as well as vision for “big picture” thinking.
  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of personal leader-ship style and how to work with others more effectively.
  • Enhances your personal leadership skills to help you work more effectively with people.
  • Increase your professional and personal networks.
  • Building networks with community leaders and organizations around issues important to you.