Mobile Home Taxes

Mobile Home Taxes classified as personal property follow the schedule below:

  • July 15 - Last day for Auditor-Treasurer to mail your tax statement.
  • August 31 - Due date for 1st half tax payment.
  • November 15 - Due date for 2nd half tax payment.

The personal property classification applies when the home owner leases the land or does not hold title to the land on which it is sited, the home is not permanently affixed by a foundation or installed according to building codes/standards and the home is not connected to public or private utilities and services.

Regulations & Policies

Payment Requirements & Late Payment Penalties

  • Taxes of $50 or less are due in full on August 31
  • All late Mobile Home tax payments will be assessed an 8% penalty.

Before Selling your Mobile Home

Property taxes on any mobile home need to be paid in full before the title can be transferred.  If your mobile home still has a title, you are responsible for transferring it.   You may still be liable for property taxes if the title is not transferred.   

Status of Mobile Home Taxes statement from the Auditor-Treasurer's Office is needed by the License Center before completing the transfer of title.

Before Moving your Mobile Home

A Status of Mobile Home Taxes statement from the Auditor-Treasurer's Office is needed. It states that all delinquent and current taxes are paid in full. Any taxes not paid will need to be paid before the mobile home can be moved. This Status of Mobile Home Taxes statement will need to be given to the mobile home mover. Contact the Auditor-Treasurer's office for more information.