When does snow plowing begin?

Per the Sibley County Snow and Ice Removal Policy:

The County's goal is to have all routes passable when reasonably possible after the snowfall has stopped. The higher traffic volume roads will receive higher priority for snow and ice control operations. The decision to plow or sand will be made by the Public Works Director and the Highway Maintenance Manager based on the following guidelines:

  1. Appreciable accumulations of snow, generally two inches.
  2. Drifting of snow which seriously affects travel.
  3. Icy conditions which seriously affect travel.

The county is staffed for one shift of snow and ice removal. The standard early start time is 5 am. Factors that often delay snow and ice removal include; severe cold, strong winds, and limited visibility.

The staff and department budgets do not allow for 24-hour coverage.

No travel advisories issued by the State Patrol and/or the Sheriff also apply to the county snow and ice removal crews.

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