Why should I go to an Attorney?

The Sibley County Recorder's office does not have a licensed attorney on staff, therefore, we cannot give any legal advice, provide advice on forms, nor complete forms. A party is proceeding at their own risk if they do not consult a competent attorney on legal matters. The Sibley County Recorder's Office will advise you to consult with a Licensed Attorney familiar with Minnesota Law

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1. What is the difference between Abstract and Torrens property?
2. What is a legal description?
3. Where can I get my Abstract updated?
4. Why should I go to an Attorney?
5. Where are blank real estate forms located?
6. How can I obtain a copy of my legal description?
7. How do I change names/ownership on my property?
8. Can I get a certified copy of a document?
9. Where can I get forms notarized at the court house?