Why must I provide my Social Security Number?

State law (MS 273.124, Subd. 13, Par. c) requires that every property owner applying for homestead classification must provide the County Assessor with a Social Security number of each occupant who is listed as owner of the property on the deed of record, including each owner's spouse who occupies the property. Each owner and their spouse who occupy the property must sign the application. In the case of a relative homestead, each relative and spouse occupying the property must provide a Social Security number and sign the application.

Social Security numbers provided to this office are considered to be confidential information and will not be disclosed to the public. Under state law (MS 273.124, Subd. 13, Par. g,h) they may be given by the County Assessor to the Minnesota Department of Revenue to determine whether you have applied for the homestead classification for other properties.

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