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Request Property Data

  1. The following property information is available at no charge when you call the office or online under property tax information:

    • Parcel ID
    • Owner
    • Legal descriptions
    • Classifications
    • Estimated market value
    • Tax information

    For your convenience, we can provide the information listed below by email for a fee which is payable via credit/debit or e-check on our website by submitting the form below and you will be directed to the payment page. You may also visit our office to view this information free of charge.

    • Foundation size
    • Building characteristics
    • Photos
    • Year built
    • Interior room count (If Available)
    • Outbuilding information

    To request parcel information, please complete the form below. The information will be emailed to you:

  2. Office Policy: We do not research previous sales history; you are welcome to come in and research that information.

    You can make your requests on our website above or you may come to the office in-person and ask to view the field cards for no charge (with the exception of any copy fees that are requested).

    Direct email requests for property data will no longer be accepted/processed.

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